Rod Jones

“I help decision-makers make good decisions about Call Centres and Contact Centres”

Why should you Assess, Audit and Benchmark your contact centre?

Putting it plainly: If you are not fully aware of the strengths and the weaknesses of your contact centre, and if you are not constantly making improvements and positive adjustments to every facet of the ecosystem that makes up the operation, then the certainty is that it will be constantly deteriorating.

Where is your contact centre positioned on its development journey?
Is it still in the early stages of development?
Or is it truly ‘World Class’?
Our assessment methodologies and reports will give you the answers, and a fully customised development plan to guide the way forward.

Your contact centre is a finely-tuned ecosystem.

Any contact centre or Cx delivery centre will have 800+ uniquely identifiable and measurable “moving parts” and over 800 variable factors. To be effective and efficient, all elements need to be in tune and working in harmony.

Rod Jones Consulting (Pty)Ltd represents Customer Services Audit Ltd, the New Zealand based developers of Snapshotz.

Using  internationally recognised Contact Centre Assessment and Benchmarking tools, we can clearly identify the strengths and the weaknesses of your operation and we can benchmark it against thousands of  other global contact centres.

Snapshotz is a globally recognised contact centre and CX assessment, auditing and benchmarking solution used by over 3,000 clients in 35+ countries around the world.

For more information, please visit the Snapshotz website.


Ethiopian Airlines.
Africa’s first certified ‘World Class’ CX Contact Centre.


In  October 2021, following a robust audit and assessment using the globally recognised Snapshotz methodology, the Ethiopian Airlines Global Customer Interaction Centre located in Addis Ababa was certified as Africa’s first ‘World Class’ contact centre.