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A World Class Contact Centre: Definition 

To be recognised as a truly “World Class Contact Centre” the operation
must meet specific criteria in all three categories.

Aligned and Integrated Strategies

The contact centre is fully aligned with and supportive of the organisation’s core business strategies and operations.

Operationally, it effectively monitors and meets with Specific, Clearly Specified Standards

• The contact centre achieves a better than 85% compliance with clearly      specified standards as defined by the organisation;

• by internal and external customer expectations and customer feed-back;

• by specific industry, statutory, regulatory or contractual requirements.
( e.g. FSB, TCF, PCI, SABS and/or ISO Contact Centre Standards)



Benchmarked against Similar Operations

• The contact centre is benchmarked – at least on an annual basis – against National, Regional and International ‘same-sector’ and similar non-competitive contact centres and

• It achieves at least an 85% compliance score against those Key Performance Indicators that are Internationally recognised to comprise ‘Best Practice’ for a contact centre operation of the same or closely similar type.

I provide a comprehensive and internationally recognised contact centre Assessment, Audit and Benchmarking service utilising the cloud-based SnapshotzOnline tools and methodologies.
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