Starting a New Call Centre - Rod Jones
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Starting a New Contact Centre?
My Call Centre Startup Workshop is Essential

Over 75% of all new call centre or contact centre projects fail or fall far short of their purpose or seriously over-run their setup and operational budgets. In virtually all cases, failure is caused through a lack of knowledge, a lack of professional advice and a lack of adequate planning. This structured workshop will provide your organisation with a solid framework on which to initiate and ‘score’ your contact centre or call centre project.

The Rod Jones Contact Centre Start-Up Methodology & Workshop

By working through a series of well-proven checklists and methodologies, your contact centre project team will be able to identify any additional information or knowledge requirements and be in a position to adequately assess the internal and external resources that will be needed during the critical project start-up phase.

Of equal importance, the workshop process will clearly establish the critical roles and responsibilities of each member of the project development team.  A Preliminary Project Plan with all important timelines and milestones will also be developed during this kick-off session.

This is an Internal Management Workshop structured to provide your organization with a sound framework on which to develop a new call centre or contact centre or to fully develop an existing operation.