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Welcome to Rod Jones Contact Centre Showcase where I share information about the amazing solutions, products and services available to the contact centre industry. Here you will discover the tactic, technologies and the techniques that turn ordinary call centres into super Cx-enabled customer interaction centres.

Callbi, the South African Languages speech analytics solution for contact centres.

Reserved for a brand new contact centre solution. Watch this space 


Here you can watch a comprehensive interview with a Corey Springett, Callbi’s subject matter expert and demonstration king-pin.

Introduction to Showcase video

Stellenbosch-based Alphawave Ventures recently launched Callbi, the first ever fully featured speech analytics solution designed and built specifically for South African languages, accents and dialects. The launch version of Callbi already allows licenced users to carry out sophisticated queries on South African English, Afrikaans, isiZulu and Sesotho. Other popular languages will be added in the near future.

Why deploy Speech Analytics?  What are the benefits?

Speech Analytics can deliver significant benefits in four primary focus areas; Direct Cost Savings (Essentially driven by Operational Efficiencies) Revenue Generation (Including all aspects of Customer Experience, Sales, Loyalty, Customer Retention and Lifetime Value etc) and Compliance.

Typically, organisational users of Speech Analytics adept with appropriate skills, are experiencing significant measurable successes. The following are a few of the typical gains that are being reported in respected industry analysts.

  • Reduction in call Average Handling Time (15% to 25%)
  • Reduction in Customer Churn (Depending on vertical) (10% to 15%)
  • Increase in First Contact Resolution (30%+)
  • Increase in Employee Satisfaction (30%+)
  • Increase in Customer Satisfaction (30%+)

The Callbi solution enables quick and easy deployment, requires very little integration and is highly cost-effective.

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