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“I help decision-makers make good decisions about Call Centres and Contact Centres”

Business Intelligence & Market Development

Having established an exceptionally large business and professional network in the South African and African call centre and contact centre industry during the past 40 years, Rod Jones is ideally positioned to provide vendors, service providers and operators with reliable business intelligence, business introductions and business development strategies.

The South African call centre / contact centre industry is estimated to comprise of approximately 2,400 private sector operations plus a further 200 to 300 call centres serving the public sector. Ranging from simple single workstation ‘helpdesks’ to mega centres with over 2,000 agent positions the industry provides over 175,000 jobs and has enjoyed sustained growth for over a decade; despite the realities of recent global economic realities. The domestic industry, therefore, represents a multi-billion Rand revenue opportunity for providers of technology and services.

To ill-prepared marketers and vendors, penetrating this complex marketspace represents a formidable barrier. However, with an intimate knowledge of the operational and vendor/ service provider landscape, Rod Jones and his specialised alliance partners can provide the business intelligence, the strategies, programmes and activities to accelerate market penetration and the development of viable sales pipeline.

Ad hoc and long-term project services are available.

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