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(April / May 2020)

Fresh perspectives from Contact Centre & BPO professionals.
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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many contact centres to rapidly deploy large numbers of remotely located agents, team leaders, support personnel and managers.  The logistics of such massive changes to most contact centre’s operating models have presented monumental challenges. These include the deployment of remote technologies, connectivity issues, WFM, performance management and productivity. In addition, ensuring quality and compliance present operational management with massive challenges.

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In these short video interviews, various contact centre operators, solution vendors and operational specialists share their ‘war stories’; how they have risen to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 disaster and overcome the seemingly impossible; their organisation’s “Lessons from the Lockdown”. 


Ryan Strategic Advisory

Peter is a globally recognised BPO/GBS industry strategist, analyst, commentator and sector research specialist. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Peter travelled extensively, as a highly sought-after thought leader, conference keynote speaker and trusted advisor to major BPO/GBS operators, industry bodies and associations and government entities. Peter has visited South Africa in his professional capacity on 14 separate occasions and as such he as gained an intimate knowledge and understanding of the South African industry and the unique operating environment.

Recorded: 28 April 2020
Duration: 21 minutes


Mark Hillary is a writer and analyst with an extensive track record of contributing to business media and opinion all over the world. He has written for the BBC, Financial Times, and Huffington Post with a focus on CX, technology, and the future of work. He edits the podcast and online magazine CX Files, focused entirely on best practice in customer experience. Mark has published 17 books on technology and has experience teaching MBAs in London and speaking at major conferences on five continents. In this interview, Mark shares his views on the impact of Covid-19 on the Customer Experience sector in various global geographies.

Recorded: 28 April 2020
Duration:  14.5 minutes


CEO SK Weston & Co

Based in Washington DC, Steve is a 30+ year BPO industry leader with executive experience with leading BPO companies and on transformational client solutions. His company SKWeston & Company, LLC. provides global consulting in developing Operational Strategic Plans to Fortune 100/500 companies along with BPOs. 

Particularly at this time of the disastrous Covid-19 pandemic, Steve’s intimate knowledge and understanding of the global BPO/GBS landscape puts him in the unique position to offer extremely valuable insights in the current realities and the possible future scenarios for the global industry.

Recorded: 18 May 2020
Duration: 22 minutes

Principal Analyst

Stephen Loynd has spent his career observing, analysing and commenting on the information and communications revolution spreading across the planet and in particular, the BPO/GBS sector. Prior to launching TrendzOwl in September 2019, Stephen spent over seven years at Frost & Sullivan, working with organizations impacted by accelerating technological change and global mega trends. Stephen is a featured speaker at conferences and company events worldwide, analysing the potential impacts of emerging technologies. 

Recorded: 1 May 2020
Duration: 18 minutes


Veteran contact centre / BPO/GBS strategic advisor, consultant and business broker Duncan Wallace is now located in Melbourne, Australia. He has spent a great deal of time in South Africa where he worked extensively between 1995 and 2006. He has been a frequent visitor back to South Africa where he has clients and business partnerships. He will be remembered in his role as COO of Merchants, pioneers in the large-scale international BPO sector.

In this interview, Duncan shares his perspectives on how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted his clients and operations. He also shares his views of how South Africa may well be poised to take advantage of the post-Covid-19 global BPO/GBS recovery cycle.

Recorded: 29 April 2020
Duration: 18.5 Minutes


Internationally recognised as a BPO/GBS industry thought leader, UK-based Dave Rumble, managing partner of On Consulting, leverages his many years of specialised industry experience on providing consulting and strategic advisory services to his global clients. His focus is on developing and implementing CX strategies, organisational transformation, and digitisation.

In this interview Dave shares his valuable views and insights on diverse topics relating current and post Covid-19 scenarios for the outsourcing and BPO/GBS global industry. His passions for impact sourcing, socially invested BPO and the ‘humanisation of the customer experience’ are well worth hearing.

Recorded: Thursday 21 May 2020
Duration: 31 minutes


Downtown in Business: London

Simon Danczuk is a former UK member of parliament with extensive experience in contact centre-based research (CATI). He is also a social, political and economics strategist; a business networker and analyst and chairman of the London chapter of Downtown in Business, a powerful business networking organisation linking individual and organisations with key decision-makers, opinion formers and influencers.

Simon’s intimate knowledge of the current UK realties in the context of COVID-19 pandemic, and his knowledge of the global outsourcing, BPO/GBS industry gives him deep insights into the industry. In this interview Simon also shares his views on the post covid-19 recovery period.

Recorded: Thursday 21 May 2020
Duration: 17 minutes


Mr Price Money
Head of IT

Colin is the Head of IT for mrpmoney, a division of the Mr Price Group Ltd. His remit includes ownership of the IT operations and development lifecycles for the groups Credit, Insurance, MVNO and MNO telco business units, with a focus on the technologies underpinning both the contact centre and in store operations that support the commercial and customer experience teams of the group. Colin comes from the Ops and CX areas of the business and has been in the group for the past 6 years.
In this interview Colin describes how he and his team tacked the lockdown and transitioned over 600 contact centre agents into a WFH model. He also shares interesting anecdotes about how the organisation has adapted to rapid changes in the operating procedures.

Recorded: Friday 8th May 2020
Duration: 21 minutes


In his role as CEO Of BPeSA, South Africa’s national body for BPO/GBS and contact centres, Andy with the tremendous support of his Board and EXCO has led his team to build the organisation into what has now become a vital and truly representative industry body; driving the continuity of essential services contact centres and BPO/GBS operations in South Africa during this time of the Covid-19 crisis. In this interview, Andy shares his views on how BPeSA and its partners are engaging with government and private sector stakeholders to address the sector’s day-to-day regulatory and operational challenges.
On a more positive note, Andy discusses the implications of South Africa having been awarded 2nd place in the annual CXOutsourcers Top 5 Most Preferred Offshore Cx Delivery Locations and how this prestigious award will assist BPeSA to drive sector recovery and growth going forward into the post-Covid-19 era.

Recorded: Friday 8th May 2020
Duration: 29 minutes



From its origins in France over 20 years ago, Webhelp has grown its global operations and currently employs over 55,000 people focussing on delivering high-touch/high-care BPO services. Brandon Aitken holds the position of Chief Commercial Officer for Webhelp’s extensive Indian and South African operations; the latter comprising of four sites; these located in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria.
In this interview, Brandon discusses how Webhelp has adapted to the realities of the global Covid-19 pandemic, and specifically, how the South African operation continues to ‘roll with the punches’, by being extremely agile and applying outside-of-the-box thinking and methods to ensure continuity of high quality services, whilst first and foremost placing the wellbeing of the company’s people as paramount importance.

Recorded: Friday 8th MAy 2020
Duration: 23 minutes


Genii Analytics

With well over 25 years of call centre, contact centre and BPO experience under his belt, this entrepreneurial industry veteran set out a little over 5 years ago to create a company and a unique platform and processes designed to delve into the depth of high-volume customer interactions and to expose the ‘pay dirt’ of all the The Big Whys? These are the hidden gems of insights inherent in every call and interaction.
In this interview Kobus shares with us how the company is not only dealing with the realities of Covid-19 but also, how the insights gained using the Genii platform and methods are helping to direct and guide corporate customer and staff engagement strategies and practices, in near real-time.

Recorded: Friday 8th May 2020
Duration: 21 minutes

Chairman: BPESA

BPeSA as the South African national body for contact centres, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Global Business Services serves a community of 2000+ operators employing an estimated 250,000 individuals. In this interview, Evan describes the role that BPeSA plays in supporting the sector pre and post COVID-19. Of particular interst, Evan speaks about, BPeSA’s evolving strategies for sector’s post COVID-19 recovery.

Recorded: 17 April 2020
Duration: 17 minutes


With over 20 years of contact centre operational experience, in her current role as a consultant to several operators, Henriette has a number of strong views about working with the current realities of the COVIT-19 remote workforce. and how the sector may evolve in its recovery.

Recorded: 17 April 2020
Duration:  11 minutes



Despite having a Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Plan in place, Roz and the CapabilityBPO management team had to think on their feet and become remarkably creative to successful deploy almost 200 work-from-home agents. The transition has worked so well that CapabilityBPO has in fact won and deployed a new, large-scale international client, all in the space of less than a week. A fine example of good planning, agility, creativity and passion!

Recorded: 18 April 2020
Duration:  14 minutes



With well over twenty years of hands-on experience in the field of customer contact centre technologies, Deon is widely recognised as a subject matter expert, both regionally and internationally. In this short interview, Deon shares some of his recent experiences assisting customers to rapidly deploy remote or work-from-home contact centre agents and support and management personnel. He discusses some of the challenges facing users of on-premises technologies and the techniques used to mitigate these.

Recorded: 19 April
Duration: 17 Minutes


Starting out as a call centre agent in 1994, Tanya has accumulated over 25 years of hard-won operational experience and evolved expertise. She has held a number of executive-level leadership roles in both corporate-captive and the BPO/GBS sector. More recently Tanya has been at the forefront of contact centre analytics and now, more recently, focusing on contact centre optimisation and service excellence.

Tanya has a passion for developing new leadership styles and more refined operating models. She has certainly found a highly receptive audience in the shadow of the COVID-19 lockdown. Hear her views about Leadership and Trust being the foundation for the remote and work-from-home workforce.

Recorded: 19 April
Duration: 17 Minutes

Commercial Executive

Lauren entered the contact centre industry in 1999 and has subsequently spent 21 years gaining experience and working his way up the career ladder.  Much of his experience has been in the operational BPO space and today he heads O’Keeffe and Swartz BPO, the inbound wing of the 650+ headcount organisation. The OK&S executive team had somewhat pre-planned for the COVID-19 lockdown and as such, the transition to a remote/WFH workforce has been reasonably smooth.This is a great example of a DR/BC plan that worked!  In this interview Lauren shares some of the valuable lessons learned in this process and his views about the Post COVID-19 future for the BPO sector.

Recorded: 20 April 2020
Duration: 10.5 minutes


For almost 20 years, Cape Town-based BYC Aqua Solutions has been providing contact centres with sophisticated outsourced quality assurance services. Today, BYC’s operation boasts almost 150 assessors handling assignments from clients based in South Africa, UK, and as far afield as Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. From her base in the UK, CEO Jackie Naughton shares her experience of how BYC responded rapidly to the COVID-19 realities, and how the organisation is managing to continue to deliver world-class services with a fully remote, work-from-home workforce.

Recorded: 22 April 2020
Duration: 15 minutes

VP Business Development

As part of a global BPO/GBS organisation with over 45,000 agent positions in many geographies, the Startek operation in South Africa with a little over 1,500 agents, had the advantage of being in a position to tap into the experience being gained elsewhere in the world; dealing with he realties of the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequences of full lockdown. In this interview, veteran contact centre and BPO professional, Luvendra Naidu shares how his organisation reengineered itself to the realities of the remote/WFH operating model. He has a number of interesting tips and he also reflects on how the company has extended its support to the greater community.

Recorded: 22 April 200
Duration: 20 minutes

GM Emerging Markets

Learning and development, as a critical component of delivering a high-quality customer experience through call centres, contact centres and BPO/GBS operations, has had to rapidly evolve in terms of strategies, processes, procedures and technologies as consequences of the impact of COVID-19. In this interview, Natasha Terlecki, General Manager: Emerging Markets at People Solutions, shares the company’s current operational realities and explores concepts for skills development looking forward into the unknown ‘new tomorrow’.

Recorded: 14 May 2020
Duration: 18 minutes


Open Q&A with CxOutsourcers

Webinar recorded on Wednesday 29th April 2020

In this powerful and timely webinar, an elite panel of globally recognised thought leaders responds to on-line participants’ questions relating to the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the impact that this currently has on the BPO/GBS sector and on the challenges of delivering on the Cx promise. The panel also share perspectives of how the ‘New Normal’ BPO/GBS sector may evolve.

Co-facilitated by Peter Ryan (Ryan Advisory) and Mark Angus (Genesis GBS/Knowledge Executive), members of the the expert panel include:
Melissa O’Brien (HFS Academy), Steve Weston (SKW), Alister Niederer (Ember Group), Mark Hillary (CX Files), Traci Freeman (BPeSA)

Recorded: 29th April 2020
Duration: 59 minutes