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“I help decision-makers to make good decisions about CX contact centres and BPO”

Consulting and Auditing

With over 45 years of specific experience in the customer service and contact centre profession, I can provide a comprehensive raft of ad hoc and project-based contact centre consulting, advisory and contact centre interim management services.

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Assessing and Benchmarking

If you are not fully aware of the strengths and the weaknesses of your contact centre, and if you are not constantly making improvements and positive adjustments to every facet of the ecosystem that makes up the operation, then the certainty is that it will be constantly deteriorating.

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I am committed to supporting initiatives that will help to bring more BPO and GBS work to South Africa and to the principles of Impact Sourcing.

Call Centre & Contact Centre Consulting Services :


For up-to-the-minute news and the trends, tactics, techniques and technologies in the global contact centre and Cx profession, please tune in to one of my podcasts.

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Speech Analytics turns old-school QA on its head. My new 60+ page eBook gives you all the necessary tips, tricks and techniques to leverage the power of speech analytics. Move away from random sampling and tick sheets and provide your operation with deep insights across 100% of all calls whilst providing management with credible and quantifiable business intelligence.


Call centres and contact centres all over the world are seeking ways to Optimise the Customer Experience, Increase Customer Satisfaction and to Reduce Operational Costs.

My new “World Class Contact Centres – Operational Best Practice” seminars bring my 45 years of experience and brand new strategic, tactics, techniques and technologies to help contact centre professionals to meet the challenges of Digital Migration.

Developed, refined and constantly updated, to date over 5,000 delegates in 14 countries have attended my MasterClass seminars.

In addition to open or public MasterClass seminars run in conjunction with various contact centre and CX associations, I also present fully customised versions of my MasterClass programme for in-house corporate clients. These sessions can either be virtual (Zoom) or on-premises.


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Why Offshore BPO & GBS to South Africa

South Africa Voted #1 Location for Offshore CX BPO

Released in April 2021, the annual Ryan Strategic Advisory Omnibus Survey Report focusing on the global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Global Business Services (GBS) industry names South Africa as the most favoured offshore CX delivery location.

The survey presents the views of 628 enterprise contact centre strategic decision-makers in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States assessing the Global Business Services (GBS)/ Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) location capabilities and performance of 53 countries.

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Why did 628 global contact centre decision-makers vote South African into the enviable #1 spot ahead of major BP locations such as India and Philippines?

To find out, I read the 110 page Ryan Strategic Advisory final report from cover-to-cover to fully understand the dynamics, expectations and demand factors that gave rise to this phenomenally important accolade.

I then unpacked the key elements of the South African BPO/GBS value proposition and wrote this white paper, highlighting why global BPO/GBS outsourcers can be confident to place CX BPO contracts with reputable and reliable South African and South African-based providers.

As at December 2023 I am in the process of re-writing, updating and expanding my 2021 edition of ‘Why Outsource BPO to South Africa’.  The new publication will include much-needed features such as a detailed Conatct Centre and BPO sector salary survey, a BPO/GBS providers directory and a technology and services vendors’ directory.  eMail me for more information.